Beauty Bag Essentials for Traveling

In my attempt to grow up and become a productive member of society (at least most days), my skincare/body/hair routine has developed into a monster of downright, ridiculous magnitude. I’m fortunate enough not to share a bathroom counter. Therefore, my bottles, serums, creams and four different kinds of dry shampoo are free to fully consume my counter space in the same inhuman way I can consume an entire red velvet cake, with little qualm from anything but my bank account. No regrets… although I’ve been informed the wallet has many.

When I put on my traveling pants, my counter space becomes luggage space, which is much less available. Lets be honest though, when running from one terminal of the airport to another to make a connecting flight that’s scheduled to take off in 20 minutes, the last thing anyone wants is to be carrying around 10 pounds of beauty products. It’s time to go minimalist and vote some products off the island. Sorry 14 different lipsticks, you need to go for a while. Yes, it’s you not me.

One product that needs to make it INTO your beauty bag of tricks is a cleanser. Our face is exposed all day. The inevitable Olympic run through the airport can really work up a sweat and collect dirt and grime. Washing your face cleans out pores and helps keep skin healthy.

Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser. A personal favorite of mine because it leaves that tingly clean feeling.

Beauty bag essential number two is moisturizer. Whether you’re traveling during the winter, summer spring or fall, you should always keep a moisturizer in your kit. Although it may seem like our skin only really needs a boost of moisture during the harsh winter months, when everybody and their mom is rocking a Rudolph red nose, the summer is just as important. Moisturizers help keep skin cells healthy and if you think about how much you put your skin through during the summer, between increased sun and element exposure, the least you can do is slather on that goodness after a quick face wash. A personal fan favorite of mine is renewal facial lotion from Epionce. These are the motivational quotes your skin wants you to save on Pinterest:

Pamper your skin!

Quench its thirst!

Just do it!

I may have borrowed the last one from Nike. Moving on.

Renewal Facial Lotion

The third must-have item is sunscreen. Sunscreen should be a daily staple in your routine. If it were on a dating app, I’d tell you to swipe right every time. Sunscreen helps defend against harmful UVA and UVB rays that cause skin cancer and increase the progression of visible signs of aging. Sunscreen has come a long way since the days of thick white grease, puppies pulling down britches and that nostalgic sunscreen smell. You know that smell… you smell it right now. To me it smells like a time of summer and youth. A time of no bills, not caring who some lady named IRA is and only hanging out with Tommy down the street because his mom bought the big packs of Otter Pops. Heavy sigh. Good times. You’re winning now though because if you look, sunscreen is in a ton of products that you may use on a regular basis: makeup, lip balm, moisturizers. Find yourself a good moisturizer and/or makeup with SPF 30 or higher and put it on every day: Journee Day Cream from Neocutis or Oxygentix foundation are great options. Your future self will thank you and your current self can go grab a tasty beverage or toaster strudel because instant gratification is real, and positive life changes deserve celebration.

Oxygenetix foundation and Journee Riche Day Balm with SPF 30

Lastly, bring along whatever makeup routine makes you feel good. I like to trim my makeup down for trips and pack products that serve multiple purposes. For example I like to bring a neutral eye shadow palette because the colors can be used in multiple ways like bronzer, blush or lip tint. I also pack a flattering lipstick that works well with my skin tone because I can use it as a lipstick or as a creamy blush. I’m into long eyelashes so I throw mascara and eyeliner into my bag too. Makeup is all about you, but if you’re looking to pare down on what you travel with, give the multipurpose beauty tricks a try! A killer makeup palette is the Beauty on the Go palette from Colorescience.

Colorescience Beauty On The Go Mineral Palette

The next time you’re traveling hundreds of miles in your car or frantically running to catch a flight, creaky wheeled suitcase in toe, remember three things. Running to make a traveling connection is so common it’s basically a 21st century right of passage; Welcome to the club, it’s great to have you! Your skin is healthy, happy and protected. All the leftover room in your suitcase can now be filled with glorious memorabilia from the adventure that awaits you. Go do the dang thing!


Guinevere Ayers

My name is Guinevere and I’m a twenty-something woman, born and raised in Montana. After a brief hiatus to experience the big ol’ world (Nebraska… yeah… I know) I’m back in Big Sky country, navigating life and working at Billings Clinic as a consultant in the Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery department. I have degrees in Medical Anthropology and Biology. I’m a lover of lazy Sunday mornings, a connoisseur of mac and cheese and I often find myself in situations that make my mother laugh and say, “what am I going to do with you.” I previously struggled to find articles about topics I was interested in, that were fun to read, down to earth and informative. Somewhere along the fruitless journey of wandering the Internet I figured, why not just trial the things I’m interested in and write about it myself. Thus, I bring you my experiences with the aesthetic side of medicine and cosmetics. It's going to be a wild ride!

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