It was during one of my late night snacking sessions, the blue glow of my laptop illuminating flavor blasted goldfish crumbs on my blanket, third handful of smiley fish in hand, that I finally came to the realization that the age of the eyebrow is upon us.

I quickly barreled down the rabbit hole of Internet quizzes. For example what’s your donut personality- powered sugar with raspberry filling- I pegged myself as more of a maple bar, but that’s a conversation for a different time. A few clicks later I found myself facing another quiz, this time trying to determine my personality based on the shape of my eyebrows. Due to the fact that furry, untamed caterpillar was (surprisingly) not an option, I had to discredit the results due to lack of data. Science! I hurriedly clicked on related searches, curious what else was out there on my lower forehead accessories.

Oh buddy, I was not disappointed. The related search became the Library of Alexandria for eyebrows. Thus begins my opinion that the reign of the eyebrow is now. There are eyebrow tutorials for shaping, coloring, filling, elongating even glittering!

It’s amazing that eyebrows have the power to transform into anything a person desires, there’s no right or wrong. Whether you want bold brows, thin brows, arched brows or brows au naturel you can rock it!

I closed my laptop that night, inspired by the worldwide Interweb and in the mood for a little eyebrow taming. The next morning I came to work an eyebrow wax and a little upper lip waxing action. As much as I like facial hair on other people, I personally do not have the power to work my peach fuzz ‘stache.

Christie King, dual licensed cosmetologist and medical assistant, with over 11 years of experience, performs all waxing services. She uses hard wax as opposed to soft wax because it’s less messy and great for sensitive skin.

Christie had me lay back in a chair and cleansed the areas in need of her expert skills. She then applied the wax and let it sit for a second as she prodded me with a few comments about how her favorite NFL team, the Broncos, will beat my team, the Patriots, this year. I would have retorted with comments of my own, but I figured she was in the position of power in this situation so I let her have the moment.

Once the wax firmed up to her liking she pulled quickly and agilely moved her hand to the freshly waxed area and applied soft pressure for a few seconds. The weight helped dissipate the tinge left over from the hairs being uprooted. That was it! The waxed areas were a little pink immediately after, but returned to my original color in an hour.

I find the results are longer lasting and require less maintenance than traditional tweezing and it’s inexpensive. Plus, appointments can be made the same day with just a quick phone call.

I like my brows big and bold and Christie did an incredible job shaping them up and curtailing the stragglers. My inner lazy girl and my inner goddess are finally on the same page. So if you’re already a waxing veteran in need of a touch up, or a newbie ready to jump on the brow bandwagon, give us a call or just stop in. We’ll have you leaving a few hairs lighter and so confident you can tell the world to brow down. Pun intended, sorry, I couldn’t help myself!


Guinevere Ayers

My name is Guinevere and I’m a twenty-something woman, born and raised in Montana. After a brief hiatus to experience the big ol’ world (Nebraska… yeah… I know) I’m back in Big Sky country, navigating life and working at Billings Clinic as a consultant in the Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery department. I have degrees in Medical Anthropology and Biology. I’m a lover of lazy Sunday mornings, a connoisseur of mac and cheese and I often find myself in situations that make my mother laugh and say, “what am I going to do with you.” I previously struggled to find articles about topics I was interested in, that were fun to read, down to earth and informative. Somewhere along the fruitless journey of wandering the Internet I figured, why not just trial the things I’m interested in and write about it myself. Thus, I bring you my experiences with the aesthetic side of medicine and cosmetics. It's going to be a wild ride!

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