What I’ve learned in my 25+ years on this earth is that gift giving can sometimes feel more like a hot dumpster fire rather than a joyous part of the year. The stores are crowded, the kids are anxious, it’s cold outside, and all of that together can turn you into a giant stress ball.

There’s no need to freak out though, simple heartfelt gifts are just as beautiful as extravagant ones. People simply like to know that you’re thinking of them and that they’re loved. I like giving gifts that help people pamper themselves a little more than they usually do. Look out for your fierce lady friends, your bros, and family, and treat them to little gifts of relaxation and nourishment. Not sure where to go from there? Check out our list of ideas below. Rejuvenated smiles and faces are sure to follow.


  1. Baby Foot – An MVP and major crowd pleaser. Perfect for athletes, working moms and dads and all people on their feet. – On Sale! $20,

  1. Total Eye by Colorescience – We like to call this a good night’s sleep in a bottle. The cooling application tip helps immediately reduce puffiness and the peach tint helps hide those pesky dark circles. Plus, with continued use it improves the overall look of the eyes, even without makeup. Win, win! – On Sale! $55.20

  1. Enriched Firming Mask – Like a quick dip in a tropical oasis for your skin. This hydrating face mask is formulated with botanical ingredients that help improve skin firmness and elasticity. – On Sale! $30.40

  1. Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush SPF 50 – A brush on sunscreen full of antioxidants that protects from UVA/UVB, pollution, blue light and IR. The days of rubbing in greasy white formulas are gone. These work great for active kiddos and adults alike. – On Sale! $52 or Buy 2 get 1 FREE


  1. Anti-Age Lip Renewal – Say ‘Adios!’ to chapped winter lips. Soft-focus technology reduces the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while revealing smoother, more hydrated lips. – On Sale! $16

  1. UV Elements – A slightly tinted moisturizing physical sunscreen for those who don’t have time to mess around. It’s get up and go, honey! – On Sale! $26.40

  1. Gift Cards – For someone who loves the gift of choosing their own splurge worthy items. From Botox to products to skin rejuvenating treatments, gift cards can go a long way! –$1 and up!



We hope this helps! Have a healthy and happy holiday season!

All sale prices expire 12-31-18

Guinevere Ayers gayers@billingsclinic.org

My name is Guinevere and I’m a twenty-something woman, born and raised in Montana. After a brief hiatus to experience the big ol’ world (Nebraska… yeah… I know) I’m back in Big Sky country, navigating life and working at Billings Clinic as a consultant in the Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery department. I have degrees in Medical Anthropology and Biology. I’m a lover of lazy Sunday mornings, a connoisseur of mac and cheese and I often find myself in situations that make my mother laugh and say, “what am I going to do with you.” I previously struggled to find articles about topics I was interested in, that were fun to read, down to earth and informative. Somewhere along the fruitless journey of wandering the Internet I figured, why not just trial the things I’m interested in and write about it myself. Thus, I bring you my experiences with the aesthetic side of medicine and cosmetics. It's going to be a wild ride!

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